I’m sure you’ve heard a number of times that moving home is equally the most exciting yet stressful milestone in your life – with the buying, packing, viewing, selling, repairing, moving, unpacking and settling, it’s a lot to take in! That’s why we, Jarretts Removals, are a removals and storage company here for you! Not only do we provide reliable services in removals, storage and transport, but we also have this ultimate success guide to moving home, so we can help lift the weight off of your shoulders both literally and mentally.

This guide will walk you through the 10 most common (and important) steps to the buying, selling and moving process. Follow these steps and it should hopefully make things a lot organised and easier for you.

1. Choose an Agency

Step 1 – Especially if you are a first-time buyer, there is a high chance you don’t know the first thing about moving home, which can make the move quite difficult for you. Finding yourself an efficient estate agent is probably the best place to start. They are a professional group who offer you great advice, have access to thousands of suitable properties and overall go on this journey with you! They have the stats, filters and energy to help you out, so this combined with our helpful guide… moving should be a breeze!

So, how do you know what agency to pick? We obviously aren’t going to pick for you, but you need to work out who is most suitable for you. Think location and reviews.

Storage Company Norwich

Choosing An Agency – Storage Company Norwich

As a removals and storage company in Norwich, our best advice would be to ask/look out for recommendations, review performance and ask questions. These things will give you a taste of previous customer experiences and their level of knowledge. If you aren’t entirely sure or completely unhappy, consider elsewhere. After all, it’s important you are completely comfortable and you have a good relationship with your estate agent, otherwise, it can be a bumpy ride for the both of you.

2. Your Needs vs. Your Wants

Let’s cut to the chase, your needs are so much more important than your wants. Buying a home is a mature process that sometimes involves a few logical sacrifices.

If you, as the buyer, tell your agent your needs, they will try and find the best properties suitable, because that’s their job. But let’s be honest, all you need is a roof over your head in the right location, with the right amount of space and bedrooms, maybe even with a garden and suitable parking space. However, with your wants, that’s more specific detail, such as a study, a nicely built kitchen, a basement or your own private driveway etc.

As a result of this, start off by prioritising and separating your wants from needs. It will make the moving process a lot less stressful for you because you are able to sacrifice these needs from wants, allowing you to be more confident about which homes are right for you. This doesn’t mean you won’t get any of your wants, but if you are visualising your ideal dream home with a much bigger imaginary budget than you have, it’s about time you reconsider in a more logical matter.

3. Gather Useful Resources

These days there are so many useful sources you can use to help with the buying process. From online research to brochures and books, you can browse properties, advice, services and even earn yourself some vouchers or discounts! This is certainly an overlooked step as people consider it quite time-consuming. However, they couldn’t be more wrong! This will definitely help lift off the stress so find yourself some suitable resources, online and offline, today!

4. Arrange Your Home For Viewings

Don’t forget, it’s not always about you! Someone needs to move into your home and you aren’t technically free and settled until your current home has been sold. That’s why you’ve got to spruce up your home to look fancy for the viewers. How, you ask? Simple. Start off by walking around your house making a list of significant repairs or changes needed to be made. This includes dents, any repainting or decluttering etc. or anything, in general, that won’t impress the buyers.

After completing each job on that list, it’s time for some more decluttering. Something important to remember is these potential buyers are viewing the property, NOT your home. So it would be a good idea to temporarily move those picture frames or anything personal so that the room looks more spacious and organised.

There is so much more to consider when preparing your home for a viewing, such as:

  • Drive-by appeal.
  • Immaculate rooms.
  • Spacious rooms.
  • Clean gardens and driveway.
  • Where are your pets and kids going to be during this viewing?

5. Viewing Properties

Now it’s your turn! This is probably the most exciting part of the whole process, viewing your potential new homes! But how can you tell if the property is right for you? Or if it’s worth the right money? etc.

It’s simple really – we have our own three-step plan when viewing properties, to help determine whether it’s right for you. Ready?

  • Step 1: Don’t go alone – an extra pair of eyes and ears are always helpful. Their opinion will be a lot more honest too simply because they won’t be living there, an external third-party opinion is sometimes all you need! Just make sure they know what you like.
  • Step 2: Fully inspect both the outside and inside – viewing a home is very exciting! So it’s easy to get caught up examining the inside only and also running around because you are too intrigued to see the rest of the house! Whilst this is a good sign, it can stop you from having a serious inspection. Take your time, despite your excitement, and make sure this is the right home for you.
  • Step 3: Visit multiple times – first, second and third impressions are key. If you find yourself loving the home more and more, it’s probably the one for you. Whereas if your satisfaction decreases, we suggest moving on. Also take this as an opportunity to visit at different times i.e. in the day, evening, different weather conditions, so you get the full perspective.
Storage Company Norwich

Viewing Properties – Storage Company Norwich

6. Notify The Right People

It’s important to notify the right people of your move to prevent any confusion or missed communication. There are a lot of people who need informing, so here is a short list of important people who might help:

  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Neighbours.
  • Work.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Doctors and Dentists.
  • DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.
  • Bank.
  • Council.
  • Electricity, Gas and Water Companies.
  • Internet and telephone provider.
  • Removals Company.
  • Post.

Failure to do this means that all important and/or confidential letters are sent to the new owner, which is not only annoying but can cause huge problems such as missing payments and important information spread.

7. Choose a Removal Company

Here at Jarretts Removals, we are a removals, transport and storage company in Norwich, here to help make moving day easy and memorable for you and your household. Due to our speciality, we cannot stress enough how beneficial a removals and storage company can be for you!

Storage Company Norwich

Jarretts Removals – Storage Company Norwich

Additionally, not only are we an experienced, friendly team with efficient equipment and vehicles, we speed up the process as well as make it safer and easier for you. So whilst you are focusing on other things during your move, you can rely on us to safely load, transport and unload your goods!

8. Packing

Ideally, you should start packing as soon as you begin property viewings. Packing early keeps you way more organised on moving day than when you pack a few days before leaving. Start small – pack anything that might be slightly unappealing to a viewer or is just used as a display. For the last few weeks in your home, only the essential items need to be on display, the rest can be in boxes all ready for the move! Eventually, when you reach approximately the week countdown till moving day, all unnecessary clothes, accessories, ornaments, lamps and garden furniture should be fully packed.

However, we aren’t just talking about time periods here. We also would like to mention how important it is to efficiently pack your belongings; simply placing random items into a box with no protection is quite possibly the most inefficient way to pack and move home because not only does it increase the chance of anything breaking but it’s totally unorganised! Therefore, do yourself a huge favour and invest in the right protection and categorise each box for each room or occasion etc.

As a removals and storage company Norwich, Jarretts Removals offer our own top-quality packaging materials to our clients and customers, so you make extra sure that your belongings are packed and delivered in a safe manner as possible.

9. Moving Day

The day has finally come – quite possibly going to be the busiest day in your lifetime, but also a day to turn over a new leaf and start another chapter. By this day, the house should be all packed up, with all furniture and belongings dismantled and boxed up, the kids and pets should be dealt with and you should be ready to go.

10. Live Your Best Life

Motivation is a common feeling to get once you’ve moved home. Knowing that you have accomplished one of the biggest investments should really give you that ‘pat-on-the-back’ moment. Moving home should motivate you to want to try new things, explore your new environment, build more relationships and more importantly, take that flight risk of trying a totally different experience.

Live your best life!

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Here at Jarretts Removals, we are a removals, transport and storage company in Norwich! Our multi-functional team are friendly and reliable, here to help make your moving process as simple as possible! Get in contact with us today to start your journey with us…

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