Are any of your friends or family members moving home anytime soon? Or maybe you are getting some new neighbours and want to make a good impression? It’s always an appreciative feeling to receive a housewarming gift from a friend, relative or neighbour, as it helps you settle down and develop relationships.

Here at Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich, we are here to offer a moving experience as easy and stress-free as possible, but in the meantime, we also want to offer some entertaining, useful advice, so here are our top 13 favourite ideas for housewarming gifts.

1. Framed Family Photo

Whether they are a couple starting their adventurous lives together, or a family of 4 moving into a bigger home etc. a framed family photo or canvas is a beautiful gesture. For obvious reasons, the emotional effect a physical product can cause is extraordinary, especially if it sentimental and personal – and what is more sentimental and personal than a framed photo or canvas of the household? This point is probably more suited to those related or close to the gift receivers, but either way, this gift is always a huge success for display and love.

2. Personalised Gifts

We are referring to anything to do with the house by the way – shopping bags, coasters, pillows, mugs, chopping board etc. anything that is useful or presentable in a home can most likely be personalised somewhere in the shopping world. These personalised gifts are seriously fun and appreciated by the gift receivers, especially as their names, the date, or a personal message is engraved onto the product.

3. Plants

Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich

Jarretts Removals Norfolk & Norwich – Plants

Who doesn’t love a plant in their home? Not only do they make your home look pretty and eco-friendly, but they have some serious health benefits too – they improve air quality, smell nice and have some seriously impactful mental benefits also. Giving someone a houseplant as a ‘Welcome Home’ gift is a lovely gesture, and is appropriate for anyone!

4. Key Rings

What’s more appropriate for a housewarming gift than some key rings?! The new homeowners will have just been given their new keys, so a new keyring will give them a memory of this exciting day and a new milestone in their life. Who knew something so small could have such a big impact?

5. Doormat

Using a doormat as a housewarming gift is not only unique but it is a very useful present too! This is because it is one of those household essentials that you aren’t exactly excited to walk into a shop and spend money on, so buying one for the new homeowners might actually be a relief for them.

6. Hamper

A hamper is a classic and appropriate gift for any occasion! Getting married? Hamper! Having a child? Hamper! Got a new job? Hamper! There are a variety of hampers you can purchase online or you could even make your own with a basket, some ribbon and little household essentials. It’s an easy and a big gesture for a little price.

7. Appliances For The Kitchen

Removals Norfolk

Removals Norfolk

Apart from the Bathroom, the Kitchen is probably the room in the usual home with the most appliances and selections – you’ve got the toaster, the cookers, saucepans, cutlery, microwave, the advanced cutlery (wooden spoons, whisks) the knifes, chopping boards, bread bins, the ‘Tea’, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Coffee’ bins and so much more etc. Therefore, buying something cool and unique (yet useful) for their Kitchen may be the perfect gesture. This is especially if they have a passion for food and cooking, which you are most likely to know if you are close friends or family with the household.

8. Quoted Gifts

There is nothing more humble than a gift with an inspirational quote. We see them all around houses, and they really make the four walls, one ceiling and one floor look meaningful and belonged to. By ‘Quoted’ gifts, we mean inspirational typography sown, typed and printed onto products such as photo, notepads, mugs, products that are hung and even wall stickers! This relates back to the personalisation idea – the wording adds a sentimental effect to the gift, and that is always a beneficial thing.

9. Cleaning Appliances

This might seem like quite a random idea, but we’ve heard that using cleaning appliances as a housewarming gift are actually highly appreciated. Similar to the Doormat point, cleaning appliances aren’t exactly on the “Wish List” of buying essentials for a home, is it? Therefore, help them out, save them some money and invest in some useful, small cleaning essentials for them to get started with.

10. ‘Welcome Home’ Card

On a budget? Don’t know them enough but still feel like you owe a gesture? A ‘Welcome Home’ card is probably most perfect for you. It shows effort and still helps the new homeowners celebrate their latest milestone.

11. Memory Books

A truly brilliant gift idea, especially when starting a new chapter in their lives, would be a memory book. Whether it is a scrapbook or a photo album, giving them a blank canvas to store their newest memories in their new home is a wonderful idea, something that the family will probably appreciate very much.

On the other hand, you could flip the idea and actually create a memory book for them, filled with memories of their latest home for them to keep and remember. This is a very nice gesture and is probably only possible/suitable for close friends and family to create.

12. Scratch-Off Map

Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich

Jarretts Removals Norfolk & Norwich – Map

If these new homeowners have a passion for travelling the world and its various cultures, a scratch-off map is a perfect idea for the new homeowners. If you didn’t know, a scratch-off map is a big map of the world, designed to be scratched off for each destination you and your family visit, and giving this to travel-lovers who are moving home is a splendid idea.

13. Seasonal Essentials

Last, and certainly not least… Seasonal essentials! If you think about what season it is when they are moving, a good idea for a housewarming gift could be something that will help them survive the season. For example, you can buy them some gorgeous bulbs for the Spring, a fan or some exterior furniture/decoration in the Summer and some cosy blankets and pillows for Autumn and Winter etc. whatever you want to buy, seasonal essentials can be godsends for new homeowners.

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