Who doesn’t love a movie?… Or an iconic advert? We thought we would try something different as a company who deals with removals Norfolk and Norwich by taking a look at our top 7 favourite TV moments that involves moving home and professional removal services. Enjoy!

Removals Norfolk

Removals Norfolk – Film Time

1. Moving (1998)

This classic film starring Richard Pryor is about a recently-unemployed man who attempts to successfully move his family across the country. When they finally get to their new home, they come to the awkward conclusion that when the shady removals team said they were “taking everything”, they were literally taking everything – the doors, the swimming pool, the furniture, even the stairs! He threatens the sellers of his new home and tracks down the removals team to make short work with them before getting his job back! We guess the moral of this film is don’t lose your job and don’t trust a shady removals team? Arlo (Pryor) learns the importance of marketing and moving with professionals.

2. One Day Removals (2008)

Andy and Ronnie were just average Scottish removal men with ordinary lives until the events of ‘One Day Removals’ start to unfold. Follow the comical adventures of these two hilarious Scotsmen who have to deal with some quite unbelievable events… quite dark events! This film is all about the exaggerated “fun” events us professionals go through every day, right?

3. Toy Story (1996)

This iconic film has brought laughter, smiles and tears to our eyes over the last 2 decades, but what you probably haven’t noticed (in more depth) is that it is also an incredible film that highlights how difficult a move can be on a family – how relationships can be ruined, pulled close together, things can get found and lost… and even thrown away! This film is genuinely a classic watch but it’s greatly known for the message it puts across about moving home with family.

4. Beetlejuice (1988)

Who can forget this absolute classic of a Halloween film? One of Tim Burton’s spectacular, darkest ideas, Beetlejuice is a comical spirit who “help” the Maitland ghosts, who recently brought themselves upon the haunting, supernatural world after dying in a car accident, to scare off the new owners of their home! Despite its age, it continues to be a highly popular film to watch and enjoy! So I suppose you are thinking, what has this got to do with removal services? Well, during the time of the couple’s death, the removals men did a perfect job even if their driving was much less than perfect.

5. The Music Box (1932)

Despite it is an 86 year old short film, it is still a huge iconic moment in TV and removals history – Starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the pair are hired (as a Transfer Company) to deliver a piano in their freight wagon. Sounds simple, but the duo soon come across a huge stairway they have to carry it up. During this, they come across a number of obstacles and passing civilians that cause them to have to keep taking the piano up and down. This is a hilarious nightmare for removal companies, so we thought we should mention it in this article.

6. 101 Dalmatians (1996)

We are only referring to one scene in particular, rather than the whole film! Do you remember the scene when the little dogs colour themselves with fireplace soot to hitch a lift back to London in the back of the removals van? That adorably-smart scene might give you the impression that those removals men were slacking, not noticing the disallowed hitchhikers on the back of the vehicle, but our defence suggests that they just turned a blind eye! (That’s how nice we are).

7. Footloose (1984)

Imagine moving to a town where dancing is banned? When the whole era itself is dancing-crazy! This classic 80s hit is a great film to watch as it highlights the certain culture shock you can sometimes face when moving to a new location – this is a great film if you enjoy dancing and musicals mixed in with some rebellious teenagehood!

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There are so many others we can think of, but we wanted to give our wide audience a big selection to reminisce and relate to. Here at Jarretts Removals Norfolk, we are a team of excellent professionals who not only can provide you with trustworthy, awesome service, but we love to watch these movies too… Guilty!

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