A Winter removal isn’t ideal, but sometimes unavoidable. No matter what season you make your move, it can be stressful without the right help. So, if you have decided to move in the Winter, or need to, this article can be a useful guide – here are a few great tips on surviving the Winter move:

1) Be Prepared for the Weather

In this particular season, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable – clear one day, then raining or snowing the next. You could be dealing with gushing wind, snow, rain or even thunderstorms, and these conditions can affect your successful move dramatically. By following these next few tips as well as this one, you can ensure your furniture, home and even family are not affected whilst moving due to the potentially harsh weather conditions. To be fair, it might not even be bad, but preparing for the worst gives you an advantage in the long run.

As a result of this, be sure to check the weather forecasts several times before moving day, so you are prepared for what is to come. If the conditions are dangerously cold, wet or windy, we would recommend rescheduling.

2) Weather Proof your New Home

To avoid any injuries or damages to your belongings, create a safe environment for everyone by following a few protocols – all before loading and unloading anything onto the removals vehicle. Like I said in the last point, the unpredictable, potentially dangerous weather conditions can make the moving process more vulnerable and difficult, but there are things you can do to make the process much easier, such as:

  • Shovel away any snow on your path.
  • If snow or low temperatures are predicted for your moving day, visit the property the night before and lay down salt or sand to lower the freezing point of the surface. This will prevent any slippery surfaces and therefore, injury to anyone nearby. This point may be difficult to achieve depending on the distance from each property and current weather conditions.
  • If you are dealing with rain, putting up a waterproof tent or gazebo with multiple access points can stop any damage to furniture being carried to the door.
  • Lay plastic sheets down on any flooring inside the house – with several people walking in and out of the home, you aren’t going to expect them to keep taking their shoes on and off consistently. Laying these sheets down (or anything protective for that matter) will not only allow the dirty, wet and muddy footwear to be in the house but protect your new floors from any damage.
  • If somehow you are able to, putting the heating on in the new home before you get there will allow a much more comfortable welcome for you and your family. Whether you ask the previous owners to before they leave (if there is a small time difference between them leaving and when you arrive – it’s money after all) or you get there early and leave the rest of your family to pack up, it creates a much warmer and better picture to walk into, rather than just a cold, empty space.
Removal Services Norwich

Removal Services Norwich

3) Protect your Belongings

Whether you hire a removals service or not (even though it is highly recommended for Winter), it is pivotal you have some sort of packaging and protection planned for your belongings, especially in the weather conditions Winter can provide. For instance, if there is expected snow or rain on your moving day, cardboard boxes might not be the most reliable things to use, so finding waterproof containers might give you your best shot. Also, with cold temperatures lurking you need to protect the actual furniture inside the containers. Regardless if it’s fragile or electronic, these objects weren’t created to withstand those conditions, so could potentially break. We would recommend wrapping the necessary items into blankets and making them the last thing you load onto the van so that they are the first thing you unload and place into the warmth of your new home.

4) Prepare your Vehicle for the Journey

Driving in conditions like snow, ice and rain can be incredibly dangerous and isn’t recommended. But if you need to, it would be a good idea to prepare your vehicle before it leaves your driveway. Regardless whether your new home is hours away or even minutes, anything could happen, so following these protocols may not only make your drive a lot easier but save lives too:

  • Pack warm blankets, coats, hats and scarves etc. just in case there is a severe traffic jam, breakdown, or you get stuck (as we said, prepare for the worst).
  • De-ice your vehicle – Using warm water, anti-icer or ice scrapers, de-ice your vehicle to warm up it up.
  • Use a vehicle that can withstand the cold temperatures and icy roads, whether you own one, hire one or borrow it from a friend, it is highly recommended and will ensure a much safer journey.
  • Allow extra travel time – in Winter weather conditions, it’s a good idea to drive slowly and carefully, so allowing extra time will mean less stress for the driver. If it gets too much, stopping at a convenient and safe place such as a cafe will keep the journey safe.

5) Hire a Removals Service

Removals companies are incredibly useful, as they are a few more pairs of hands that can safely help you move in/out of your home. With all of the potential problems that could occur with the weather that we have spoken about, Jarretts Removals teams are still able to provide you with an outstanding service, because it’s our speciality! Let us take the weight off of your shoulders, contact us today on 01603 621862 or email us on info@jarrettsremovals.co.uk.

Removal Services Norwich

Removal Services Norwich