Don’t we all hate the stress of packing before moving home? The whole process can really suck the fun out of this exciting new chapter in your life. At Jarretts Removals Norwich and Norfolk, not only are we a dedicated team of professionals who can help with the transportation of your belongings, but we also offer expert advice you can follow that will hopefully make the whole experience a lot easier for you. Like so, we understand how stressful packing can be, so here are our five expert packing tips to ensure you and your family a successful move.

1. Focus on One Room at a Time

We couldn’t imagine anything more stressful than unpacking all of your rooms simultaneously – is it even possible? Despite the obviousness of this point, it is also a very useful tip for you. Pick one room at a time and only focus on that one. It will relieve a lot of stress and make it easier for you to organise the correct boxes.

2. Don’t Leave it Until The Last Minute

Leaving your packing until the last minute is by far one of the worst mistakes you can make during the whole moving process. Not only does this make everything a lot more stressful, but your disorganisation can also look incredibly embarrassing to the removals team. Imagine – the removals Norfolk and Norwich team will arrive at 9am, but it’s 6 am and you still haven’t even finished packing! Stress will instantly take over your body, preventing you from having an easy and memorable (happy) move. Therefore, pack with days in advance, leaving out only the serious essentials that can be easily packed before moving day; this will give you a better chance of waking up refreshed and happy, have a good breakfast energising yourself ready for the day ahead.

3. Pack With Care

However you decide to pack, usually with cardboard boxes, it is important you pack your belongings accordingly and carefully. Prevent any damage to your items and take some pressure off of the removals team by taking extra care when packing. You can do this by putting heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter on the top, and wrapping up any seriously fragile items in materials such as blankets or bubble wrap. This way, all of your belongings are secure and have a much bigger chance of surviving the journey to the new home.

Removals Norwich

Removals Norwich

4. Have a Separate Box of Forbidden Items

A common and simple mistake clients sometimes make when moving home (especially new homeowners) is packing certain items that are considered a threat and removal companies will not allow them to be transported in their hands. These forbidden items can include flammable, explosive or corrosive goods, perishable foods, pets and plants. Due to this, it is your responsibility to have these transported to your new home, so make sure there is a separate ‘forbidden items’ box ready for your vehicle.

5. Label Your Boxes!

This might seem quite obvious, but there are still a large number of movers who tend not to label boxes. Not only does it take a couple of seconds to label one box, but it will save you from looking in each box to see what is inside, potentially causing you to get confused with several unlabelled boxes in front of you that needs emptying. Therefore, label them!

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