The last few months have flown past – 2022 seems to have gathered pace as the year has progressed and we find ourselves talking about Christmas being only 6, yes, you heard right, –  SIX weeks away.

Christmas is a busy time of year with our second born, Hetty’s birthday on Christmas Day. I’ll let you imagine what type of Christmas we all had almost 8 years ago!!

In September the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II was an extremely sad time. Through the tears and somberness we took much joy in remembering her devotion and dedication to her Country. Florence created a card and we laid flowers at Sandringham to show our appreciation.

The summer saw Team Jarretts having super early 6am starts to avoid the scorching mid-day sun and we ensured they finished early so they could appreciate the unusually hot weather with a beer or two

We remain busy which is always a blessing, especially at this time of the year and more so with the current economic climate – not to mention the other kind of climate – the good old British weather.

From time to time we do get last minute cancellations which means late availability so if you’re looking to move, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

It’s Ani-Bullying week this week and the school our girls attend invite all the children to wear odd socks with a competition being run for ‘Pets in Odd Socks’.

We think Dilly should win hands down…..but then we are rather biased.