There’s a yellow truck that’s loved by all, a mover of homes, big and small. With a friendly driver and a sturdy frame, Jarretts removals is its name.

From King’s Lynn to Great Yarmouth and in between, this happy yellow truck has to be seen. It’s moved families a plenty to new abodes, carrying furniture down long and winding roads.

From sofas to beds and pianos too, This yellow truck can handle all, it’s true. With skilled movers who know just what to do, Your move will be easy, and stress-free for you.

So when it’s time to pack and leave, Just call on Jarretts, you won’t believe, How easy it is to move your life, with this yellow truck and far less strife.

Thank you, Jarretts, for all that you do, For making moving a breeze it’s true. You’re a mover and a shaker, a Norfolk treasure, We’re glad to have you, now and forever.