Even the most experienced home movers and packers will forget items, we are only human after all! It is so easy to forget things when moving home, as there is a lot for you to think about. But don’t worry, we are on hand to tell you the 10 most common items forgotten when moving home. These are items you may not have thought of (like items lent to your neighbour) and items you hopefully have thought of (your cat!).


This one may be hard to believe, but there are several instances each year where homeowners moving out have forgotten to accommodate for their pets! Avoid this mistake by planning ahead and booking for somewhere for your pet to stay. Alternatively, see if friends or family can help you.

Cords and chargers

It is likely to be the case that cords and chargers are used right up until the day of moving out. This is why it is very common to leave them plugged in, which can be a pain when you have to replace the item, but know where it is!


Just like cords and chargers, cutlery will most likely be used right up until you move out. Make sure all cupboards and drawers are empty, and perhaps bring an extra bag to put items in that you are still needing to use.


Most families moving home forget to bring food for when they arrive at their new home. After what could be a long day, it’s always a great idea to pack a few snacks to keep everybody’s energy levels going!


After you have moved home, mail is still likely to go to your own address. Make a list of all items you typically receive in the post and arrange for your details to be changed. It is also a good idea to tell family and friends what your new address is, to save the need for post to be forwarded onto you.

Medical supplies

A common item to forget is your medical supplies, whether these are items you already have or items you may need a repeat prescription for, get this done in advance whilst you are still in the area.

Official documents

Your personal documents are very important and these must be brought to your new home such as bills, your passport, health certificates and insurance policies. Save yourself a lot of hassle by making sure these documents are safe and secure in your packing, and that they won’t be mistaken for throw-away paper.


Valuable items need to be stored safely and carefully, these are items that are expensive or perhaps sentimental to you. Make sure these items are in storage that is labelled, with protective wrapping in place to ensure they are not damaged.

Library books

You may have emptied your home from head to toe, believing there is nothing less to do. Library books that need to be returning are a common item packed in a box when they need to be taken to the library. Most books can be mailed, but this is an additional task you do not need, so make sure your books are sent back early and on time.

Dry cleaning

Similar to forgetting your library books, you may have items away at the dry cleaners that can be easily forgotten. Again, this can be avoided by early planning and by considering items outside of your home, as well as those inside.


As you are moving into a new home, you will have several keys such as your old house keys, your new house keys, garage openers, cabinet keys, safe keys and window keys. Have all of these keys in one place and make sure those that need to be returned to an estate agent are done so in advance. Keys are not something you will want to have to put in the post.

Gardening tools

Similar to library books, there will be items outside of your home that you need to package away and store. Gardening tools in your shed will need to be stored carefully, these are usually large and heavy items that are an awkward shape. Perhaps consider having them in temporary storage for peace of mind and ease.

Gym membership

If you are moving to a new area it can save you a lot of money by considering zombie payments’. These payments are those that you may forget that you have in place, such as standing orders for a local gym that you will no longer be using. Make sure these are cancelled in advance before you move home.

Items borrowed by neighbours

Your neighbours will know you are moving out, but have you thought about any items you have borrowed to one another in the past? Depending on how long you have lived in your house, there may be items you have forgotten. Remember to return and collect any spare keys you gave each other when you moved in.

Items in the attic or basement

Out of reach, out of mind. It is incredibly common for items in the attic or basement to be forgotten. Some homeowners may even forget to clear these rooms out entirely, especially if they are not commonly used!

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