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Despite it’s an exciting new chapter in our lives, there is always a specific reason why a homeowner would move. Whether it’s down the road or in a completely new county, there a number of reasons as to why someone would move home, such as a lifestyle change! Whilst it’s you and your household’s business only, we want to offer advice to help people understand why people consider moving home, and whether you should be one of those people…

By “we”, we mean us, Jarretts Removals! We are a passionate, friendly team who offer professional house removals in Norwich and Norfolk. These services can be highly beneficial to you, as we can help make your move as least stressful as possible! Firstly, however, let’s discuss the top 10 reasons people consider moving home.

1. Need more space

You could be a first-time buyer outgrowing their starter home or looking to grow a bigger family, but it is completely normal for a household to need more space in a home. After all, it really isn’t ideal to live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 kids, for example, is it? Consider whether space is a significant issue for you and your household.

2. New occupation

Whether you have got a new job, starting at university or have any other change in occupation, this can result in the requirement of relocating to a different area. If your new job/education opportunity is in another location, commuting, therefore, can be quite difficult, making your situation a lot more complicated than you wanted.

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House Removals Norwich & Norfolk – Occupation

In these types of situations, you are also going to need to make sure you have an efficient removals team willing to travel that way with you. Here at Jarretts Removals, we offer an excellent, reliable service of house removals in Norwich and Norfolk – you can rely on us to help get you settled in ready for work in the morning!

3. Fancy a new perspective

From city to country and vice versa, sometimes a change of scenery or lifestyle is exactly what you need! It’s completely normal for you to suddenly feel uneasy in your home, even if you have lived there for years. Have a fresh start with your household and switch from the bright lights, tall buildings and busy streets of a city into the peaceful, beautiful scenes of the countryside (or vice versa).

4. Your birds have left the nest

There is nothing sadder than the point where all of your children have left home to start their own lives and you are left in a big, empty home. Maybe it’s about time you upgraded into a smaller, more suitable home! It makes the situation a lot more exciting for you and saves you from having to live in a home full of memories. On the other hand, that might give you all of the reason to stay…

5. Relationships

One of the most common reasons to move is when you choose to move in with your other half. It’s a very significant stage in any relationship so it’s important you get it right! If you have been with him/her for a while now, and you are completely comfortable around them and dedicated to them, maybe you two are ready to move in together! Here at Jarretts Removals, as we offer house removals in Norwich and Norfolk, we are constantly helping out couples move in to their first home together, and it’s honestly a great sight to see!

6. Closer to family

For many people, living close to their family is very important and can be a reason to move house. Whether you are moving back to your hometown after moving away in the past or simply moving with your un-household family, it’s completely understandable for the family wanting to be closer together, even if it means a huge lifestyle change.

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House Removals Norwich & Norfolk

7. Changes in your current area

It is normal for your opinion on your neighbourhood to change as your time there gets older. Whether you have lived there months or years, there is bound to be some sort of change in your estate that could deteriorate your liking to it. These changes could be economical, social or physical changes that can affect your commuting, comfortability and overall safety in your home – enough to make you want to move!

8. Boredom

We aren’t saying if you are sat inside all day just put your house up for sale… no! By boredom, we mean of your overall lifestyle. This connects to all of the other points in this article – maybe you are bored of living in the city/country? Maybe you are bored of your street? Of your work? Of your country even? Boredom can really lower your motivational skills and in the long term can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes moving away into a more happier, inspiring home and region can help you boost yourself back up again.

9. The internet made you!

With all of the marketing strategies these days, you click on one house on a website and you suddenly see it appear on every other website you visit. For some, these adverts aren’t enough to ‘trick’ you into going back and finalising the transaction – for others, this can be very intriguing, enough to actually make the move and invest in the property!

10. Upgrade

The decision of either refurbishing your current home or moving into a completely upgraded one is a big decision, one you must make correctly. If you are fed up with the current condition of your home and have just fallen out of love with it, it can be very difficult to get back to that ‘love at first sight’ opinion. This is a good enough reason for someone to move home. Like we said before – boredom! It’s based all around it, and if you can afford to do so, the majority of the time you will and move into a home much more suitable, modern and efficient for you.

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House Removals in Norwich…

Whatever the reason for your move, Jarretts Removals can be a very beneficial service to your moving experience! We offer storage and house removals in Norwich and Norfolk, so if you are looking for a least stressful moving experience as possible, get in contact with us today and we can provide you with just that!

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