You’ve got it all out of the way – the viewing, the packing, the removals, the journey, but now it’s time to unpack! It’s a new environment, so obviously allocating the right boxes to the right room and finding the right things for its rightful place sounds horrific. When in fact, it can be a breeze!

Here at Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich, we have gathered 6 tips and things you should consider in order to have an easy unpacking session. That way, if all goes well, you are left feeling settled and comfortable within a short time of moving.

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Jarretts Removals Norfolk & Norwich

1. Pack Efficiently.

This one is obvious – if you fail to PACK efficiently, then you won’t be able to UNPACK efficiently. There is no way you can have it easy if you simply chucked all of your belongings in a random box! Not only is this unorganised, but it also means you have to look through every box, allocating it to the right room and deciding whether or not you even want it in the new house.

Save some weight off of the removals van by clearing out your belongings (this is before you move). Decide what you wanna take and what you want to get rid of and then categorise your boxes to make your move easier. For instance, you can organise by room, having a “Kitchen” box and a “Bathroom” box, or you can organise by occasion, such as a “Cleaning” box and a “Picture Frame” box.

As a removals team at Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich, we are happy to provide the efficient packing materials if you are unable to, it’s a useful and extra add-on we can help you with!

2. Place Each Box According To Its Category.

After you have packed and moved in successfully, step two would be to organise your boxes. This will save you from running around looking for the right box for the right place, it gives you a complete head start! You can do this by following our first point and then allocating each box in its relevant place in the home. This allows you to go through each room one at a time, saving you from the stress of running around and tiring yourself out!

3. Ensure All Rooms Are Properly Done.

It’s normal to move into a non-perfect home that needs a little maintenance. Whether the floor needs changing, the walls need re-painting or the room overall just isn’t up to standard, there is no point moving in any furniture into that room until it’s suitable to. Till then, keep the furniture dismantled and stored in a safe, secure, out-of-the-way place.

4. Start With The Big Boys.

This is also quite obvious… focus on the big, heavy furniture first and get it out of the way before all of your smaller possessions find their place. This includes beds, wardrobes, sofas and storage units etc. that will simply take up too much room being in the wrong place. This makes your methods much more logical and your overall unpacking process a lot easier!

With us, Jarretts Removals Norfolk and Norwich, if you feel incapable of carrying such heavyweight our trained professionals can help escort your belongings in safely and securely, preventing damage and injury and making the process a lot faster.

Removals Norfolk

Jarretts Removals Norfolk & Norwich

5. Establish All Comfortable Items.

In addition to the last point, a good idea would be to get in the chairs and beds first of all! These are the comfortable items that will allow you to relax and rest to carry on the next day. After all, unpacking shouldn’t take just a day and you definitely deserve a rest after this overwhelming, life-changing experience!

6. Save The Garden For Last.

Finally, we would recommend leaving all of the garage, patio and garden belongings until last. This is because your interior is more important and it doesn’t matter if your furniture is left stored elsewhere. This way, you aren’t going back and forth, in and out of the house and potentially trailing in dirt into your brand new home! Allow yourself to focus on the interior first and then have a play in the garden, ready for the Spring.

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