Despite it being a huge achieving milestone in your life, moving home can be incredibly stressful. Good news is, there are a variety of protocols you can follow that can make your move a lot less stressful and much more memorable for you and your family. Here at Jarretts Removals, we are a removals and storage company Norwich and Norfolk here to not only offer you the least stressful moving experience as possible but also great advice! Here is our easy guide to moving home…

Storage Company Norwich

Storage Company Norwich and Norfolk

Organise Your New Home…

I suppose you are incredibly excited to settle into your new home, right? Well, if you want a great fresh start in your new home, it might be a good idea to organise the essentials i.e. checking if anything needs repairing or even future furniture arrangements. These two considerations can be a really big help in the long term if it’s done within the right time. So, long before your move, have a visit to the property and organise any repairs or changes you would like to make before moving in any of your belongings. Then, arranging the furniture structure of your rooms will help relieve a lot of stress on the day of the move.

Make Sure You Notify The Right People

When you move home, it is important you notify those that will probably attempt to contact you and send you regular letters. Obviously telling family and friends is essential, but advising people like the bank, insurance companies, schools, doctors and anyone that holds your address as important data, would be the right idea. This way, the new homeowners won’t be inconveniently sent your mail or contacted and you won’t miss out on anything potentially important.

Have a Clear Out

Moving home gives you and your family the perfect opportunity for a clear out. Whilst packing, simply organise your belongings into three piles – a “keep” pile, a “throw away” pile, and a “give away” pile. This way, you aren’t burdened with moving unnecessary stuff and you also have the opportunity to donate some things to your friends, family or even a charity shop etc. Go through each room, one by one, not forgetting the garage, loft or garden, and declutter ready for the move. Same for your new home too, if it’s completely necessary, hiring a cleaning company to have a thorough clean of your carpets will make it look much fresher and luxurious.

As a storage company Norwich and Norfolk, we would highly advise you to have a clear out. It makes the removals process a lot easier for the both of us!

Help Out The New Homeowners

Treat them how you want to be treated – save yourself and the new homeowners from any embarrassing “How do I?” and “What If?’ phone calls and give them a little helping hand. Whether you tour them around verbally or even create a small guide for them to keep, it can be a lifesaver to some. Simply explain bin schedules, codes, local services, facilities and events close by (if they are moving from a long distance), where the boiler and power supply is. It’s a really kind gesture and will hopefully make their move a lot easier too.

Do the same for yourself, set yourself up some relevant questions to ask the previous owners of your new home. That way, you can get all of the worrying information off of your chest in one situation rather than constantly picking daily questions at them.

Organise The Day – Hire a Storage Company Norwich & Norfolk…

Organise the day of your move so it runs smoothly. For instance, if you have any pets or children, it might be a good idea to arrange a sitter for them or some sort of distraction that will prevent them from being bored or in the way. Jarretts Removals is a storage company Norwich and Norfolk, and we would highly recommend hiring a removals company to assist with your move. We are incredibly beneficial and passionate about our jobs, and we want our expertise to help ensure the least stressful move possible. Get in contact with us today on 01603 621862 for more information and any enquiries.

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Thank you for reading, good luck with your move!