Let’s all admit – we all have a little bit of ‘junk’ lying around the house! However, some of us have more than just ‘a little bit’ and that can seriously impact your lifestyle. That’s why, whether it’s once a week or on a monthly basis, you should have a little decluttering session of your own.

So what is clutter? Clutter is essentially anything found in your home that adds no value to your life or property. Its presence is rather pointless, and it can even ruin the design of that room. Here at Jarretts Removals, as a professional team of removers, we understand the importance of presentation when you are selling your home and clutter definitely isn’t presentable! For whatever reason you are doing this, our ABCD and E guide can help you through the process.

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Before you even touch a room, a little organisation is needed; set yourself some aspiring goals or a plan that will help you through the process. For example, when inspecting your home for clutter, a specific goal could be to tackle a certain ‘severe case’ of clutter in one of the rooms of your home. Having this plan makes the process more time-efficient, organised and will prevent any frustration.

At Jarretts Removals, we love the impact of organisation! Not only are our removals process highly organised between business and customer, but we also offer guides and moving home checklists on our website!


To begin your sorting system, you should begin by categorising your belongings into two piles – a ‘Keep’ pile and a ‘Bin’ pile. These piles should consist of things you do and don’t want to throw away. We believe the best way to begin decluttering is to bin the completely useless and invaluable items that take up space that can simply be used for better purposes. After doing this, your home should be a lot more spacious to get you started and ready for the next step of the process.

Clear & Clean

Our ‘C’ point is slightly a two-parter; After binning and removing the unwanted items out of your home, it’s time to clean, clear and start again. Furthermore, our next step would be to, first of all, clear your small belongings off of your big items of furniture. This will give you better space to clean and dust! Cleaning will make your room look a lot less neglected and a lot more active (not to forget hygiene!)

Whether you are moving or decluttering your home for a completely different reason, cleaning is a vital part of the process and you should regularly be keeping up to date with it. After all, there is probably going to be a little bit of dust or markings after getting rid of all of your unwanted items. So, having a little clean will really complete the new look.


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It’s no use binning items such as ornaments, clothing, toys, boxes or even bigger items of furniture that is in perfectly good condition and can be used again! Sure, if you don’t want it, don’t keep it! But it doesn’t mean they can’t be useful elsewhere. Donate these goods to local charities and other relevant organisations that can give your clutter to a good, new home. At Jarretts Removals k, we understand how difficult it can be getting rid of stuff that used to mean something to you, but we can assure you that you will rest easy knowing these goods are in better use elsewhere rather than at the bottom of a bin bag!

Each Step…

Finally, our ‘E’ point is particularly aimed at those de-clutterers who are struggling or simply don’t have the time to do this in one day. Take your time! Go back to your goals and create yourself daily objectives such as getting rid of one or two items per day. Within a month, without realising you have essentially decluttered your home completely!

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